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    My 750 occassionally does not delivering text messages. I haven't thought to look in the Outbox until now, but I suspect they'll just be sitting there. I never get a warning/error message that it hasn't been sent. If I reboot the device, they are sent immediately. I'm in Atlanta, where I usually have a good signal everywhere I am, so this isn't an issue that I am roaming. I've also noticed, and this is probably related, that I often cannot get to the web -- the browser just says "Connecting..." and I need to reboot to get connectivity. Any suggestions?
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    Not sure if this is related, but I used to lose my internet connection in a similar way. It turned out to be a peice of software I had installed.

    It showed my local weather and was set to update automatically twice a day. For some reason, it would bomb out and hose up my internet connection until I rebooted. I changed the settings to only update manually and had no more problems.

    Installed any new software recently that might coincide with when your issue started?
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    I recently loaded the new Google Maps that has location tracking. I also use iLauncher, PhoneAlarm, Magic Button, PocketXpdf, TCPMP, Salling Clicker. Oh, and Slide2Unlock (iPhone unlock screen). Not sure how those could cause a problem like this.

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