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    What kind of length of time is everyone getting out of the battery that came with your treo? I see there is one that 1s 3600 and I wonder if it is worth $90?
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    I've got the stock one right now, and I get about 12 hours of pretty heavy usage in areas with 1 bar or less of signal. (Gotta love the baracks' in Fort Lee...) But I just ordered the Seidio Extended battery, I think its the 3200, it was $54. That should be here on Tuesday.
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    I can't find an extended battery with a burgandy back 4 a 755p in any of sprint stores. Any one had any luck? And what gives why no burgandy backs?
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    I bought 4 extra OEM batteries on eBay for about $10/ea. No battery issues.

    Actually, I've been very happy with the normal battery performance.


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