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    Frist off, I'm a complete newbie to WM, having come from a Treo 650 (which I'm beginning to miss more & more) so I'm learning the (rather steep) learning curve on my Tilt. I'll explain it as I understand it, and someone point me in the right direction. :-)

    My frustration is something rather benign. Messaging. My email setup on my Tilt has two accounts that I set up, which I can send/receive fine from the device. Also, I've sync'd my Outlook with the device, because that's what I did with my Treo, so the contacts and old messages are resident on the Tilt. Now, on my Tilt, when I tap 'Messaging' and then tap 'Outlook E-mail' I can browse a sync'd representation of my computer's Outlook inbox, which has email from the two accounts I mentioned above.

    Forgive me if I went into too much detail. :-)

    My issue is: I have duplicate messages on my device. If I'm on the go and the Tilt downloads my email, those messages go into the 'Email Account 1' folder tree. The same goes from 'Email Account 2'. When I get home and sync my Tilt, Outlook on my PC will receive those same messages and put them into the Outlook inbox, which will get sync'd to the Tilt. Ergo, double messages on my Tilt.

    Was I wrong in thinking that Outlook E-mail on the Tilt would behave the same way as Outlook on the Tilt? How can I get these three seperate message trees to 'sync' together and live as one big happy family of unread emails on my Tilt????

    -Craig J.

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    Hey cphil674 -

    By any chance does your email come from an exchange account? Then the thing to do is delete both of those email accounts, then go into the active sync app and enter your exchange server info directly. Then your contacts, email, calendar, and todos will be sync'd instantly and over the air -- very nice. Plus when you sync with a wire that stuff won't double up.

    ...otherwise I guess the best option might be to turn off the syncing of email from outlook.

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