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    I am looking for a case to clip onto my belt. One with a clip that does not slip off easily. I would like to carry it vertical. Plus a case as compact as possible. Not something that sticks out a lot. Also Velcro or some other secure closing. Not magnetic.

    Any recommendations?

    A link with pictures would be great.

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    Ebay has so many cheap items to choose from. I have a leather swivel case with magnetic flap and it was like $1.99 and $4.99 shipping. I love it.

    Also bought a bundle which had a cradle, leather pouch, plastic belt clip, car windshield mount, home wall charger and car charger for $23 shipped.
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    I got a black leather Rhinoskin on ebay for about 5 or 6 bucks (including shipping). For me, it's been excellent. It has a secure magnetic clip to close the flap.
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    I like this one... been using it for a year now. Perfect for keeping all functions available and with a skin-tight non bulky cover. Keys are not covered.


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