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    in all seriousness, WMDC is a charlie/foxtrot of impressive proportions. i've been using it for a year, and when it's stable it's fine, but when it's not stable - good effing luck getting it there.

    i'm so flustered at this point i'm ready to throw my laptop out the window!

    is there ANY alternative to WMDC? i'll GLEEFULLY pay money to not have to use it anymore. ANYTHING?

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    UPDATE: My new configuration is stable (upgraded the 750 from WM5 to WM6) but WMDC just barfs on all sorts of stuff (my Notes won't sync, for instance). It's just so not worth the pain it causes, IMO.

    I feel sorry for the non-geeks who need to fight with this stuff - I don't know how they do it.
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    They probably go find an XP machine and load Activesync.
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    I know... and we all looked forward to getting away from ActiveSync. Who'd have thought it would get worse!

    Mine is running stably for the most part but it's a kooky piece of software for sure. I sit at my desk and sometimes notice that it seems to be trying to sync for hours for no reason.

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