Hi folks;

I need some help.

Late November I saw in one of my feeds that someone had come out with an application that allowed WM6 Standard users to have the same "hold" or "double click" that BlackBerry users have without having to hit the function key for alternate characters.

Anyone using a Motorola Q9 knows that the function key (at least in my opinion) is in the wrong place and therefore very frustrating. Especially since Motorola decided to not have a dedicated key for the comma like they do for the period and uppercase. Commas and periods are probably the most used keys when writing texts, emails or other things on your device.

Periods, commas and capital letters are the three components of probably 80% of all written text. Don't know why Motorola decided otherwise.

Anybody remember seeing something like that recently? I thought I had bookmarked it to go back to later to download and try but I didn't.

Any help?