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    Ive got a Treo 700WX and use it to syn to my work laptop and my home laptop. This keeps everything up to date on all three. Now the company is giving us the TMobile Dast (WM6) phones and pushing email via our exchange server. Can I sync both devices to both laptops as I did with the Treo? Any help appreciated.
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    if i am remembering correctly you can sync multiple phones to a PC but a phone can only sync to 2. so to answer your question yes you can sync 2 wm devices to the same pc.
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    Thanks, I will be getting the second phone next week and am trying to be proactive in setting things up. This is good news!
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    are you going with an other treo or something new. maybe with wm6
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    My personal Treo 700WX, using activesync 4.5 to sync with personal and work laptops and the new Dash (WM6) to also sync between both. The company will be pushing the email to the Dash through the Outlook exchange server.
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    I sync both my Treo 700Wx and Moto Q9c to my PC with no problems at all.
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