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    I've been using AgendaOne v1, and just recently upgraded to v2. However, when i tried to purchase it, the code isn't working.

    So anyway, when i open tasks, calendars and contacts, it defaults to AgendaOne, but the trial is over so the app won't open.

    I'm trying to get the regular tasks, contacts and calendar to be used instead, but can't figure out how to change the mapping.

    I don't want to uninstall AgendaOne because i have it all configured perfect. Just need to access my stuff through the OEM apps until i get the AgendaOne registration fixed.

    Anyone know how to change the default app for tasks, etc???

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    just go to your windows directory and click on calendar.exe. If you want, you can edit your calendar links in the start menu to point to calendar.exe again.

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