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    I'm trying to send a series of text messages to several cell phone recipients. On my old simple Nokia phone, I just created a Group, added the numbers, then sent each message to the group (which sent the message to each number one at a time). The Treo does not have a Group option and I can't send a message to a Category. I've read about having up to nine numbers grouped together, but not sure how this is done. Each recipient does not need to know what the other recipient's numbers are and they won't be texting me back (it's for general info, e.g. meet in conference room now or exercise is over, etc.). Any ideas?
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    This is what I do on my Touch. I'm not sure how consistent everything is since it's a WM6 device.
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    Works great! I tried it for five numbers on my Treo 700WX and everything was fine. Thanks again!!!!

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