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    Interesting, I too have the "PDACnctUntlAdd" and was able to get my laptop connected with the official WM6 ROM ICS. I really only plan on using it if my home broadband goes down as most places I'm mobile have WIFI.

    Nice to have in a pinch though.
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    Nope, I'm not paying the extra $$ for an "unlimited tether data plan". I pay $20/month for my original unlimited data plan. I havfe the official AT&T WM6 release too. I can't explain it. Maybe they aren't enforcing it yet. I just renewed my contract like 3 or months ago too.

    Quote Originally Posted by fastlerner View Post
    If you have the official AT&T WM6 release, it won't tether without a tether data plan. Therefore, you're probably already paying extra $$ for an unlimited tether data plan.

    They shouldn't be looking for you. According to Rino808, they are looking for people on the standard unlimited data plan with high usage which would indicate tethering. They want us to pay the extra $20 a month.
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    I have the official AT&T WM6. I do not have a tethering plan nor is anything remotely like a tethering plan offered to me as an option. Tethering works fine.

    I only tether once in a while - usually while on business trips - so I should not come near 5GB/month.
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    FYI: Just remembered where I saw the need for the tether data plan. It was on the Palm download page for the AT&T WM6 update.


    Internet Connection Sharing - Utilize your smartphone capabilities by using your phone as a high-speed wireless modem for your laptop. It's easy to set up and even easier to connect. Just click and go!

    Then in the fine print:

    Within coverage area only. Requires tethered mode data plan. Additional service charges may apply.

    So that functionality does appear to be baked into the AT&T rom. Don't know when they'll enforce it. If you ever want to load the unbranded ROM to get around that, you can find one that will install on an AT&T device here:
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    Good to know - thanks, fastlerner!
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    Thanks for the heads up!

    My 750 is running the non-official WM6 ROM and I have an unlimited data plan (and NO tether plan). I tethered my phone (via BT w/ Vista) for the first time the other day and was suprised at how fast and easy it was. I've been a little wary about the tether police and have checked my usage through the AT&T website, but so far no extra charges. I will definitely use it when I'm out and about. It's safer than using a not-so-secure, public wifi spot. I wondered if/when they would get serious about busting people for tethering.
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    well im running the wm6 from the palm update and also tether with no problems...i dont have a tethering plan...but it would not connect to ics or proxy...i had to make my own connection and it works fine...
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    I should precede this by saying I should have looked here first.

    I had the question of tethering a Treo here at work and what kind of cost is added to the bill if someone does tether the device. So I called AT&T and asked them what the additional cost would be and the person tells me that I am on a plan that does not include tethering and it shouldn't work at all. I mentioned that a colleague of mine did in fact tether his Treo and downloaded a large file just test it. They person on the phone checked that number and did not see any overage or extra usage. So I think AT&T is missing something. In fact, I am tethered right now using my 750 with the official AT&T WM6 upgrade.

    I hope no one from AT&T is reading this.

    Do they not know about Internet Sharing feature? And is it that different than setting the device up as a modem like in WM5?

    Interesting indeed.
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    Yes, they know about the Internet Sharing feature. It's specifically their (ATT's) rom that is supposed to check the dataplan before allowing tethering to occur. I'm speculating that they just haven't flipped the switch yet.

    BTW, just looked today and saw that their PDA data pricing changed AGAIN (at least in my zip code).

    $35 monthly for unlimited data
    $65 monthly for 5GB of data with tethering

    Not sweating it as I'm not on the ATT rom and tether infrequently anyway.

    For those on ATT rom with standard dataplan, it's anyone's guess when it will stop working.

    Could also be a contract thing. Maybe they didn't have the tether plans when you signed up for unlimited data, so you standard plan doesn't restrict it? Beats me...
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    To me, this is just ATT being stupid and attempting to screw its customers. They have a long history of doing that.

    I have the 39 dollar "unlimited data" plan, and although I rarely need to tether, I am going to start and see how far I push their limits. I use slingplayer mobile and I stream a lot of internet radio, both of which I would guess require a higher volume of data transfer than a tethered PC. My terms which I printed specify unlimited data with no mention of tethering (yes or no). Just let them try to come after me, and I'll be coming down on them.
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    Still darn funny.

    Thanks for all the information fastlerner.

    We shall see when they actually "flip the switch". And lets hope that it's not like treoconvert's concern; them trying to pull one over on the users and that it's just a minor mistake.
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    I think as of right now this is not true. I think it is ATT propaganda. Why?

    My setup:
    1. ATT branded WM6 on my treo 750
    2. Media works unlimited internet plan at $20/month (NON-TETHERED PLAN)
    3. Internet sharing on my Windows PC laptop everywhere, all the time.
    4. My usage exceeded 5Gigs on last bill!! (incredible! Yes, itunes music and tv shows is why!)

    How much fees did I have to pay? NOTHING. NADA. ZERO. Yes, over 5 gigs was my usage.

    I'd say this myth is BUSTED for now. This myth propagated by ATT employs fear to get people to switch to the unbranded ROM for now reason or to go ahead and start paying for the higher priced "unlimted tethering plan".
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    Not necessarily busted...

    I bet you got your plan before the "tether" plans were even offered. If that's the case, then they may not be able to stop from surfing as you see fit without breaching the contract. Read your contract terms to see what acceptable use is defined.

    Just a guess...

    As for the 5 gig limit, the earlier posts only said that they would FLAG those accounts. It didn't say they'd cut you off. No clue what action they might take or what their tipping point may be, so choke the network at your own risk.
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    -Media Bundles
    --MEdia Max Unlimited - $39.99
    --MEdia Max 200 Bundle - $19.99
    --MEdia Works 1500 Bundle - $14.99

    -Media Net
    --MEdia Net 1 mb - $4.99

    -Smart Phone Connect
    --Smartphone Connect Unlimited - $19.99
    --Smartphone Connect 5MB - $9.99

    -Video Share Calling
    --Video Share Plus - $9.99
    --Video Share Starter - $4.99
    --Video Share Pay Per Use - $0.00

    -International Data Features
    --International Long Distance Text Message - $9.99

    --AT&T Mobile Backup - $1.99
    --Calling Name Block - $0.00
    --PDA Personal Max Unl + Unl Messages - $49.99
    --Enhanced Voice Mail with Numeric Paging - $1.99

    Currently I have been using MEdia Max 200 @ 19.99. Works great so far with unbranded WM6. FASTLERNER really helped me out today - Thanks man. USB works for me. Haven't tried BT
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    I have used tethering on my WM6 AT&T branded ROM and it seems alright. I have so far only used it to test to see if it works. I only ever plan on using it, if for some reason my power goes out or I have an issue with Comcast. I'd only use it for web usage and some email anyway, I don't download as I don't see the point anymore.
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