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    Background - I just bought a used 700wx from a friend and had it activated on my Cell provider, Sasktel, in SK, Canada. He had it on an expensive data plan and was tired of paying for this. A friend of a friend works for them and just transferred my account to this one from my previous phone, a Samsung A920 with Wap browsing. Sasktel provides their services using CDMA.

    I would like to set up a WAP connection using this phone but am unable to find any connection software for this. The only connection I seem to be able to set up in system/connections are the TCPIP connections. I have the gateway IP address and port and my friends friend at Sasktel says that once I dial in with a wap connection, the authentication will automatically happen.

    I have done some searching and seem to find that GSM phones have a GPRS setting that meets the requirements for a WAP connection ie; just the gateway and ports information.

    Would anyone have any info that could help or point me in the right direction?


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    Try searching here I'm sure you won't find it in the Treo 750 forum. If it's there it's going to be in the general discussion section under development or upgrading section.
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