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    I previously with wm 5 used pdanet to connect to the internet on my laptop using the treo as a modem. When I use internet sharing with wm 6 there are 3 choices under network connection: ICS AT&T and proxy. Can someone explain to me what the differences are and which one I should use. Both ICS and AT&T seem to get me online but I don't understand what the differences are I have not tried proxy


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    From others I've talked to, everyone has mixed experiences here. Typically only 1 of the 3 will work, and it's not the same one for every person.

    When I first started tethering, the only one that worked was "proxy". However, this past weekend I could only get on with "AT&T". Just pick whichever one works.

    As for what the differences between them are, no clue.
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    I still use PDA Net.
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    Just a heads up in case you didn't see this thread about tethering.

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