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    I got a new computer, and before I synced my Treo I deleted the partnership in Activesync. I know, clever, wasn't it? Anyway, I lost my calendar, contacts, everything. Is there any way to recover this?
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    Not sure what you're talking about.

    Deleting the Activesync partnership should not cause any loss of data. If it's on the phone, it should still be on the phone. If it's in Outlook, it should still be in Outlook.

    Removing the partnership simply means that the 2 data copies no longer sync with each other.

    When you try to sync the Treo again, it will build a new partnership and re-sync all data between the phone and outlook (depending on what sync options you select).

    The only way I can see a wiping out the data is if you deleted the partnership, then wiped outlook or your treo clean (via hard reset), then re-established a new partnership with the empty device overwriting the other.
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    Then why are my contacts missing? They were Outlook contacts, so of course they wouldn't be on my new computer, but I thought my Treo wouldn't just delete them. If they're still on the Treo, where would they be? Also my calendar; I REALLY need those appointments/meetings. Do you mean that when I connect to the new computer, all the contacts and appointments (which don't appear anywhere on my Treo) will just re-appear?
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    If you synced with the new computer and told it to replace the Outlook info on your device with that on the PC, then you're hosed. If you had told it to replace the PC items with that from the device, you would have been fine.

    Got backup?
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    Ah, sorry. I missed the part about it being a NEW computer. Holmes4 is absolutely right.

    Assuming your old computer is still functional and available, you could re-sync with it to restore if you don't have a backup. Just make sure the PC contacts overwrite the device.

    Alternately, you could copy your outlook.pst file from your old to your new computer. That's not a bad practice anyway as all your emails are in the .pst as well. Then you could resync to get it back on your device.

    FYI: your PST files are usually located here in XP:
    C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook
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    If only I had kept my old computer....

    I haven't synced anything yet; I wanted to make sure I didn't over-write anything.

    Just to be clear: the contacts are actually still in my Treo? That's what really is confusing; if they're there, why can't I access them?
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    if you synced your treo with your new computer, and outlook on that computer had no contacts in it, then you could easily have blown away the contacts in your treo if activesync was set to overwrite the device from the PC.

    Super bummer...

    If that's the case, then your only option would be to restore your treo from your last backup (assuming you have one) or somehow get access to the old PC.

    Always a good idea to backup your device periodically. Also generally good practice to include your outlook PST files in your PC backups (to back up your email and contacts).
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    Haven't synced yet. I'll just set Activesync to overwrite the PC and sync tonight when I get home. Keepin' my fingers crossed!

    Thanks for all your help; I really appreciate it.
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    Well, it didn't work; I tried to sync to the computer and overwrite the PC, but I still ended up with no contacts/appointments. Thanks for trying anyway. If anyone else has any other ideas I am all ears.

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