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    Was thinking about getting one of those GPS watches to help train for a 10K. And then I thought since I've already got the treo with the bluetooth stereo pushing me along, why not use it with some specific software..

    Anything out there that could reliable provide useful training info via a GPS module? Routes, speeds, distance, times...ect?


    Or any pointers for the GPS watches?
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    Well here's one:

    Wonder how the accuracy/functionality of that compares to the Garmin's. Bet the Garmins can't steam Sirius internet radio.

    Any problems with bluetooth GPS and stereo at the same time?
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    I'm using Tracky ( ) for similar purposes and really like it. Favorite features:

    -caches Google maps for use when out of cellular range
    -records .gpx files for later analysis (Google Earth, etc.)
    -has training-specific functions (msg: you're going slower here than before, etc.)
    -fast email support and frequent feature-updates by author

    It's one of the few programs I've paid full-price for. Anybody else know of any equivalent/competing products for WM?

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