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    Here is a script I've been toying with.

    Its purpose is to email the user they had a missed call.

    Even though I constantly have my phone and i frequently check it, I still sometimes have missed calls. I set the script to email me at my work computer because I'm either at that pc, my home pc or I'm looking at my phone : ).

    The script currently is triggered by magicall. (

    Once triggered, it will clear the missed call counter in the registry and it will watch for the "Phone - Incoming..." window to become inactive. Once it becomes inactive it will check to see if the missed call counter is still zero or greater than zero. If it is still zero (meaning the user answered the phone) it will rewrite the original missed call count and exit. If it is greater than zero (missed call) it will get the Last Callers Name and Number from the registry and write it to a file on your storage card called missedcall.txt. It will then email this file to your designated email address and then rewrite the missed call counter to the original value +1 to keep your missed call counter up to date.

    During this activity it will occasionally send a vibration to the phone just as an additional notification of a missed call to the user.

    I would like to have the program run by itself without needing to be triggered by magicall if anyone can help.


    New script automatically monitors for missed calls and emails to your designated address the missed callers name and number. No 3rd party app needed to trigger script. Place the script in your windows\startup folder for best use.
    (auto email missedcall
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    Thanks for posting that andason. I'll definitely check it out.
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    Here's a simple idea.

    To avoid using magicall, why don't you loop a recursive check of the missed call value. Put in like a 10 second sleep in the loop. If it's gone up since the last time you checked, then you have missed a call.

    It would simplify everything else too as you wouldn't need to rewrite the registry value at all.

    I wrote a small script to overwrite the carrier line with whatever message I wanted. The carrier updated it's name from the network more often than I expected and I ened up overwriting the reg value every 10 seconds. The point is, I thought for sure it would kill my battery. Surprise, no noticable difference. Gotta love mortscript.
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    That's also what I do with the PeraCount plugin. Just check every 4 seconds whether the count has changed, and if so, I update the plugin to the new status. No noticeable battery drain.
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    Thanks for the suggestion. When i first read it i thought that it might be too much of a drain as well. I will give it a try. Thanks.
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    Hey that seemed to work pretty well.

    I have a question though.

    How do i "go back" to the start of the script?

    Fer example, i have

    #Get Original Missed Call Count
    OrigCount = RegRead ("HKCU","System\State\Phone","Missed Call Count")

    #Check for Missed Calls
    MissedCallCount = RegRead ("HKCU","System\State\Phone","Missed Call Count")
    While (MissedCallCount = OrigCount)
    MissedCallCount = RegRead ("HKCU","System\State\Phone","Missed Call Count")

    so that it gets the original missed call count and compares it to another call to get the missed call count and compares the two every 10 seconds. While they equal then sleep, otherwise run the email portion of the script.

    After it does the email it does not set back up to get the new original count and start comparing again.

    ok.. i added
    run missedcallscript.mscr

    to the end of the script.. but is there a better way?
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    You could do something like:
    While (1)
    ...all of your code

    That should make it keep jumping back to the top of the script once it reaches the end.
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    Thanks. That fixed it. I attached an automatic version at the first post (no 3rd party app needed to trigger) if anyone would like to use it. Place it in the windows\startup folder.

    Now.. anyone have a good "how to" on creating a simple today plugin like the pocket stock center uses?
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    Check the Carrier Wars thread. In there is the bulletin board plugin and an example script that is pretty easy to understand. Obviously Pocket StockCenter is much more complicated than the example.

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