This has happened to me more than three times in the last to weeks. I do apologies for the lengthy explanation but I need to know if this has happen to anyone else in the forum. After an Active Sync a day are two later I check the Active Syn Window on my Treo and it has the following error message:

Active Sync - To sync w/a desktop computer, install Active Sync on your computer and than connect this device. If your company supports syncing directly w/its exchange server you can set up your device to sync w/it. Learn more about synchronizing with a server....

First of all the Active Sync on my Desktop has not been removed. But when I connect the Treo to sync I get this message:

Synchronization cannot be completed successfully. Reconnect your device & try again. If problem persist, see Microsoft active sync troubleshooter in Microsoft Active Sync help on your desktop.

What's strange here is that my partnership name on my desktop changes from WM_Pap to Guest. I then go through the process of using the help desk and it starts to scan for problem w/my desktop and it find no issues with the desktop. All scans are completed without an issue.

So I end up deleting the the partnerships on Desktop because I can not delete it on the Treo because of the first error message. After starting over with partnership everything syncs back up. But in a couple of days I have to go back through the process again. I have even done a hard reset on Treo and it continues to happen again.

Sorry for the lengthy information but wanted to see if this has happened to anyone else.