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    I only show .07MB main storage memory. I don't know what has changed, but assume it might be some info that I sync routinely with my Exchange server. I have changed the ActiveSync options to decrease the data that is synced. But I don't really have much else ont he phone (that I know of) that might be taking up valuable memory space. Simple solution is prob to go buy a minSD or SDHC 2-4GB memory card. But until then, I am looking for some answers. Thanks.
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    uninstall programs/games that you don't use for now?

    clear your IE cache?

    Soft reset or use a task manager to close some running programs?
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    Clearing the IE cache is what generally works for me.
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    What they said. Close all programs to free up program memory and delete temp internet files via IE options to free up storage memory.

    Oh, and take all that pron off your phone. Seriously though, if you're keeping lots of video and music you'll definitely want a storage card.
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