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    I have had a Treo 750 for over a month now and have used it extensively. I get dozens of reminders and notifications every day. Today, for the first time, my reminders starting talking. ("Dinner Reservation at Seven" for example out of my calendar & "Your Battery is Low") I have not changed any of my setting in a couple of weeks. Why is this talking now? I have not added any software to my Treo with the exception of Google Maps, PointUI's "HOME" application, and a contact manager, "Finger Friendly Friends".
    I have read the user guide and searched online and can't find any settings for this feature or even that it exists?

    Any ideas? Thanks,
    Perplexed in Boston
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    Calendar and other are probably selected? Highlight Calendar, the select Options button. Your choice is to enable or disable. Same for others.

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    Voice Command is installed by default. You must have got it turned on somehow.
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    Yup, definitely Voice Command. Go to Start, Settings, Voice Command. You can then either disable it, or configure which things you want it to work for. The "options" button will give you different options depending on which item you have highlighted when you press it.
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