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    Sprint's exclusive on the Centro has expired, but neary a peep about a GSM version. My 650 is on its last legs, and while I would prefer the Centro, I'm starting to look at what my options are. If the Centro comes out soon (or a release date is announced soon), I'll probably go with that. However, I'm strongly considering a Treo 750 at this point. With that said, there are certain things that I've become accustomed to on my Treo, and there are things that I've noticed that I might like. I've searched and browsed, and I don't know that I've seen specific answers to my questions so I'm going to post them here.

    First - I use Chatter with IMAP Idle. I would prefer to continue to use IMAP Idle and not use a hosted exchange server. I have read all about the various options for WM5, but I haven't seen anything about the options for WM6. Does the mail client for WM6 (I'm assuming Pocket Outlook) utilize IMAP Idle as an option? Is there a plugin that can be installed to use IMAP Idle/Push so I can stick with Pocket Outlook? I'd prefer not to use a third party program if possible.

    Second - Is there a hack to use the Today screen from the HTC Touch? I really like the look of that one, others seem more cluttered to me.

    Third - I know that StyleTap will work with some programs, but not others. From what I understand, if it has to access hardware/databases that are unique to Palm that it won't work. What about databases that are internal to the program? Example is Tube 2 that I have, and wouldn't want to purchase again. There's the program, and then there's all the map data.

    Fourth - MP3 Ringers. Does WM6 do it from the get-go, or do I have to get a third party program?

    Fifth - Profiles. I know that WM6 has them, can I set them to auto triggers like I do in my 650 with Profiles? Time and Datebook meetings is what I'm looking for.

    Sixth - Syncing with Outlook. I connect to my work with a VPN at home. Is it possible to set up Outlook with separate profiles so I can sync my home computer without being connected to my VPN from work?

    I think that's all I have right now. Again, haven't made up my mind - just doing some research...
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    WM6 Pro does not have will need 3rd party SW for profiles such as phoneAlarm, SPB Phone Suite, or SBSH PhoneWeaver
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    Sprint's exclusive on the Centro has expired, but neary a peep about a GSM version.
    Not necessarily:

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