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    I had left Treo Central for a few months and Im finally back!!! I had sold my Treo 750 and had gotten a Black Berry Curve 8310, awesome Phone, But I just couldnt get used to the platform, I have always been a windoes Mobile type of guy, then I got the Motorola Q and it was a very nice phone I must say, but once again it was lacking a good quality of Touch screen, although the 320x320 was very nice. I haved has treo's my whole life from the 600 to the 650 and now the 750.....So im glad im once again a new treo owner, I see the windows mobile 6 is FINALLY out lol...So any new apps has been out for the past 8 months that I should know off???

    Thanks, Carlos
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    That sounds like me, I have always had Treos and I took a brief leap into the iPhone and I am trying to get back to a Treo. The iPhone is nice and flashy and all that hype but I miss alot of the features that really made me go into a Treo to begin with. First and formost is messaging, when you do a few hundred a day, that keyboard and the way the chat app works is a life saver. Yea, I know the iPhone has a chat like look to it, but that virtual keyboard slows me down. Also I just liked the device in general, I liked being able to do on it, what I wanted when I wanted. I recently upgraded to the newest firmware and now Apple won't let me go back to an older one, never had that issue with my Treos. Oh well I am not here to bash I am hear cause I wanna come back into the fold.....
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    Same here. I've had Treos since the 600. Then I tried the 8525, Tilt, Blackjack, as well as the iPhone.

    Now I have the Treo 750 and the Centro.

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