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    I am currently on Cingular/AT&T with my Treo 750, which I bought through them a year ago. I am very displeased with their service and I want to switch, but I am completely unwilling to use a different device. Who else could I go with? I assume my device will have to be unlocked. Is this easy to have done?
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    As for getting it unlocked, call International Customer Service, tell them you are going out of town next week for a month and need to use a prepaid local SIM card while you are there and ask them if you can have the subsidy unlock code for your device.
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    philp is right. Just ask for the unlock code (their very good about giving it). I've asked for at least 5 unlock codes. I just told them I dont want this phone anymore so I want to sell it on eBay. They usually dont care after you've been with them for a while. Then take the 750 and use it on any GSM service.
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    Tmobile does not have 3G, phone selection is lame eventhoguh their prices are decent.
    I just left Tmobile after 5 years and I think ATT is great.
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    i have the 750 and got the unlock code. I am now on Tmobile but can only do voice and SMS. I can not get any internet or MMS... anyone able to get their 750 to work for them on Tmobile internet / MMS?
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    u can get edge, but no 3G
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