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    I just noticed that I don't have a sound on/off/volume indicator at the top of my screen. Is this supposed to be this way? Sorry, just moved from a PalmOS device and it had one. If it doesn't come with one, is there any way to add one?
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    press the up/down buttons on the side of the treo.
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    I always wanted this on my 700Wx, too. But, Palm customized the OS and put their own battery/charge indicator there instead. (When not pressing the side keys as osva mentions above.)

    But, the funny thing is, once in a while after installing, uninstalling and customizing some new piece of software, the volume icon reappears on the top bar of my Treo. Unfortunately, it disappears again soon after a soft reset.

    I've never heard of a way to make it "stick" so that it's always showing.
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