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    I just got my slingbox for my treo. Everything works fine except that there is no sound. Its not on vibrate, I changed the audio settings to stereo high, and the volume on the slingplayer and the phone are to the highest level. I also raised the volume on the cable box. What should I do?
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    Does slingbox use audio through your PC? If so you may need to turn on the INPUT in your audio RECORDING properties.

    How much does it cost?

    I figured out a FREE way to stream video/audio to my phone today so i could watch the game. FREE because I used what i already had. Just can't change the channel remotely. But streams video and audio great.
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    I am not sure what u mean by turning on the input in my audio recording properties

    Also, I am using the S-video connector, could this be the problem?
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    you only have the s-video cable hooked up? if so that is your problem. the s-video cable does not do audio.

    I have my slingbox AV connected with only the RCA cables. Works great!
    Treo 750, at&t wireless.
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    LOL, yeah what he said. The S-Video cable only does video.

    But if you DO have your audio cables attached to your PC, yeah you will need to select an audio input, assuming it uses your LINE input like all capyure cards I have had would need.

    RIght click on your volume icon in your task bar.
    Then change properties form PLAYBACK to RECORDING and then you will see all the INPUTS like MIC, LINE, MASTER, or whatever the setup is for your sound card.

    You may have NO inputs selected or the wrong one selected.
    You probably need LINE selected there and the volume turned up.

    My bad. I realized now that the SLingbox is a STAND ALONE device. I assumed it was a capture card type thing you ran on a PC.
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