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    Okay, so I realize I am super late in reading this post. But I recently picked up a bluetooth adapter (quite a small piece of equipment I might add).
    I've been going bonkers trying to figure this thing out. I've looked all over the web trying to see if somebody else had an answer. This was the only post.
    So, here's how I did it.
    When I got my bluetooth adapter I installed the software associate with it (the stack of junk by toshiba that mmiora installed too).
    It was not being friendly, and I tried a bunch of different things to get it to work. I even tried what mmiora stated about changing the ports, but I couldn't figure out how to get the port thingie to work on my treo 750. So I decided to start from scratch.
    I uninstalled the Stack software from Toshiba that came with my bluetooth adapter, believe it or not (and almost blaspheme to say), the default bluetooth software that comes with vista worked like a charm.

    So my suggestion is to plug in your BT adapter and let Vista install it without the extra CD that came with it. It'll ask to discover a device and sure enough your treo should be there. There will be an option to sync (provided you have WMDC 6.?).
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    Bingo!!!! Thanks WonderFlea
    That worked It. My Treo 700wx connected but that is all it has done still. My pc is still saying connecting.... Did that happen to you?
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    Thanks wonderflea,i had the same problem and only now i've found how i could fix it
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    hi ppl
    i have vista 32bit and i have been trying to sync wmdc with my 700wx and till now i still cant.
    i use to have wm5 but change it to wm6.1.
    can someone tell me how to do it and i even tryied with the bluetooth sugestion couple post in there and still nothing and my phone wont let me assing com7??
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