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    Has anyone found software that would see the notification signals (for SMS/MMS/TXT/VM etc) that will send a notification to the ehadset?

    I am aware of BTAudio, but that drains batteries VERY fast; is more suited for watching TV/Movies/MP3. I just want something that will send the notifications to the headset when I get one.

    I use Spb Phonesuite and love it, keeps me out of issues at work but, with the phone in vibrate and in a case, I never know that I have something waiting until I grab the phone and look at it.

    I know it can be done, I have had Nokia phones that alerted me in the headset. There HAS to be a good programmer out there, come on guys!!

    Tom McElvy
    Va Beach VA USA

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    It's the BT stack installed in ROM, so it's not easy. Palm uses the Microsoft stack, and Motorola (the Q also does what you ask) uses the Widcomm stack. People have been asking for this for YEARS, so I wouldn't get my hopes up, unfortunately

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