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    Here's my situation, I have a WM5 Treo 750 w/WM5 that I bought last January. It had been acting a little screwy over the past few weeks and I decided I better do a warranty exchange before my 365 days was up and I was left with a useless phone. The new phone came in today and when I powered it up, I noticed it has WM6 already installed.

    I've been using SPB Backup on my old phone and I'd like to transfer as much as possible over to the new phone. Restoring a backup to the new phone seems like it would be the easiest way but I'm concerned about doing a full restore between different OS'.

    Any assistance on the best way to proceed is greatly appreciated
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    Do not restore from a backup. Re-sync your contacts/emails/calendar/etc from your PC or Exchange Server, and that's it. Reinstall your programs and hacks
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    Thanks for the quick response! Will I lose my SMS history? I'd like to keep it but it's not worth possibly hosing something else.
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    Yes, you will lose your SMS history.
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    I realize that I will lose my SMS history if I just synch w/Outlook and reinstall apps and programs. I was wondering more if there was any risk in getting the SMS history file from the /windows folder and putting it on the new phone? Seems like some people have done that with no issues and others are saying that their WM5 SMS' will not thread properly on WM6.
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    If you copy the firl in your /Windows dir called "palmMsgVol" or something like that to your storage card, then copy it back into your /Windows folder after a hard reset, you will restore all of your SMS messages!

    EDIT: I can't speak first-hand on this for wm5-wm6 updates. I have read that it worked, but I cannot confirm. Worst case scenario, you can try and if it doesn't work then you lost them anyway.
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