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    can a palm treo 700wx hold 2,000 txt and if so how many can it hold still it starts to crash

    okay i created this page so u could keep a eye on the progress
    and this page will be updated at midnite pst!

    wish us luck!

    well we pasted that last nite so now we will see how many it will hold till it crashes!
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    i went wayyy past that. i had some 5000 in my inbox, 5000 in my sent, and it finally died.

    since that hard reset, i've had 1500 inbox, 1500 sent, but i delete them every week or so to make sure i don't need another hard reset.
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    where your proof?
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    what's the point?

    i don't exactly take screenshots of how many txts are in my inbox...
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    well in this day in age u need to have proof
    anyone could type "i have 5000 in my inbox"

    the point is to stress test..
    and u never know u might be the 1st person to get that high
    i know someone was asking about the max..

    so we will see what the max is
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    Ummmm...Magic2323, we're generally a friendly and reliable forum, and generally you can take someone's word for what they least relative to the Treo/Centros. I know a lot of other forums get "attitude", but we try to avoid it. Take his information at face value unless this poster has given you reason to doubt him. Be nice.
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    well i am glad u follow those rules but i am sure everyone doesnt cuz if u always belive what they say how can u tell if they are for real or just being jerks

    make sense?

    i follow a simple rule i belive what my eyes see.. so i think of it this way
    he says whats the point well unless he had a goal or point why would he save 5000 txt cuz i am sure everyone knows how to del the txts and i am sure alot of people delete there txts 1 time week or maybe every day..

    i know i deleted my txts alot till i started this stress test.. anyways so the point is why didnt he save proof of doing this..wouldnt he think someone might want to see the proof. i took his post as just someone just trying to be Kool and show off like a personal attack .. i may be wrong but thats just hows it feels..
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    Quote Originally Posted by IEFesq View Post
    Ummmm...Magic2323, we're generally a friendly and reliable forum, and generally you can take someone's word for what they least relative to the Treo/Centros. I know a lot of other forums get "attitude", but we try to avoid it. Take his information at face value unless this poster has given you reason to doubt him. Be nice.
    yes. that.

    i don't see what i have to gain by bull****ting. it's not like i think my e***** is bigger because i have some ~10000 txts in my treo.
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    presently, i have 500 in my inbox / 500 in my sent box. i been clearing out my inbox/sent every few days since i don't want ot hard reset my phone.

    anyways, here is a copy and paste from my last verizon wireless bill.

    Unlimited IN TXT messages unlimited 154 -- --
    Unlimited IN PIX-FLIX messages unlimited 3 -- --
    TXT/PIX-FLIX messages 5000 1552 -- --
    Kilobyte Usage kilobytes unlimited 253,460 -- --
    Total Data $.00
    Total Usage Charges $.00

    so if i average 1552 in december, multiply 6 months (i had this phone for 6 months), i'm already pushing 9312 total text messages. (this isn't including my in network texting). so 5000 in my inbox, 5000 in my outbox sounds relatively correct, no?
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    and if you're curious why i average ~1500 txts a month, i know 2903840293845 asian girls that have unlimited text. use your imagination.


    here was november's bill

    Usage Charges
    Voice Allowance Used Billable Cost
    SharePlan minutes 1400
    703 -- --
    IN Calling minutes unlimited 318 -- --
    Night/Weekend minutes 483 -- --
    Total Voice $.00
    Unlimited IN TXT messages unlimited 315 -- --
    TXT/PIX-FLIX messages 5000 2260 -- --
    Kilobyte Usage kilobytes unlimited 104,619 -- --
    Total Data $.00
    Total Usage Charges $.00


    frankly, if you don't believe i had 5000/5000 txt messages, i don't know what to say. i dont feel like going to get my slr camera out, taking a pic of it, resizing in photoshop, and uploading it.
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    if you're curious how the phone behaves after 5000/5000 txtx, i can tell you it takes some 10 seconds to open the messaging application after you close it (close meaning if you end the program or a soft reset).

    at times, your inbox will also read "99999" (or was it "65356" i forget which one) unread text messages. you have to end up closing the program or soft resetting it to fix it.

    also, scrolling the drafts and trash (not inbox or sent) becomes unbearably slow even though you may have a few items in either folder. i don't know why.

    in the end, my phone froze. did a soft reset, it would be stuck on the Treo screen. had to do a hard reset. i don't really see any point in keeping all my ~1500 monthly text messages so i just delete a chunk of them every day to keep my treo running nice and smooth. i wished the 700wx had 700p's option of "delete txt messages older than XYZ time".
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    that thread was created a few months back. someone spilled coffee on my phone and wanted to call it in for a replacement. wanted to know how to backup my 9203845098 txt messages. ended up not replacing my phone because i was lazy and my phone worked (short of the keys feeling 'crunchy').
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    well we have 8889 and no problem and the phone is used everyday for irc chatting webcam view with media player and streaming radio
    and still no lag..
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    Hmmm... 8889 and IRC? Wow. Where's your proof? >
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    here's my bill from this month. used some 3400 txts. glad i bought 5000/txts a month plan....
    Attached Images Attached Images
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    okay we added a chat box so u could leave your comments and we have 13,064.00 TXT!

    and i was showing that off last nite on my webcam where were u ?? hehe if u really want it i will show u
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    all the pictures are on this site thanks
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    i am really impressed with this phone were about to hit the 20,000 mark!!! and still kicking i am scared to say, what will stop us is not the phone crashing but "storage" grr..

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    um I don't get this stress test it holds no value... who is going to keep that many pointless texts on there phone? I say pointless cause if the texts had to do with money, girls or appointments they are old after a week.

    ps are you talking about regular sms messaging or are you using an sms threader program, is this a oem treo, or did you modify it some way, how many characters are in each message, is it 13,064.00 in the inbox or is that both inbox and outbox, do you have any email accounts configured on your device, if so how many ? what's the mail box size on them?

    there is a lot of different variables that are prob getting you to that number.

    I have a treo did the updates as they come out I have about 30 ringers in the windows folder which equal about 5.6mb palm sms threader black today screen only displays my sms icon and calendar xcpu scaler at 520 and my phone can't do no 13,064.00 texts let alone 3000 aprox 1500 in the inbox and outbox without me wanting to throw the thing cause its running slow.
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