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    I recently installed a Sonicwall firewall at my work, since Im the IT Manager I have control over it and can change any settings if necessary. We use to have an older VPN100 firewall which if anynoe knows it, its a really PITIFUL firewall, so I had it just forward to an internal machine when I wanted to remote into a machine at the office from my Treo750 with WM6. The standard RDP client in WM6 was great, but now I wanted to know since I have to use the "Sonicwall Global VPN client" since I actually setup a real VPN (woohoo finally) if I have to use any special software on my device or can I still just use the built-in RDP protocol? if so does that work with Sonicwall VPN's or is there another product that I would need out there?



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    I think I know what you are looking for. you have setup a IPsec vpn and you are looking for a WM6 client for it. Can't really help you there but you should be able make RDP work.

    also being an IT Admin myself I must say you should check out for their mobile admin product. works great.

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