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    I can't recall exactly when I upgraded my 750 to WM6, but it was the 2nd day after the upgrade was released. I need that date because I am disputing some crazy data usage charges that have appeared on my bill suspiciously since that time.
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    I am getting data usage bills as well. 8.53 cents a month under "direct billing" Been happening since I upgraded in June. I have to call in every month and get a credit. They cannot locate the source of the problem. They told me just to call in every month and get a credit because they cannot fix it. It shows as MobiTV but MobiTV is not installed and their support has no record of me or my phone. ATT initially credited me $15 a month for the problem, but now they only do the actual $8.53. I don't understand why they can't find it, but since it is hooked to my account (not the phone), it will stay with me even when I change phones.
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