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    the only diff is memory right
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    Yes, but that leads to a whole different device (performance wise). If you have to pick one... get the WX, for sure. The W can barely run programs because it runs out of memory when opening them.
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    I just came here to ask the same question. How are they different?
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    I went from a Samsung i730 to a treo 700w and teh memory does make a difference when running apps. I've managed to get by with having half the memory by being conscious of what's open and ensuring I close applications after I'm done using them by using a combination of vBar and QuickMenu. Now that it's pretty much second nature to close apps, I do just fine on my 700w.
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    RAM is pretty much the only difference between the 2 phones. Given the choice, go with the wx.

    700w = 32mb RAM
    700wx = 64mb RAM
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