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    I'm on my third Treo WX. I have Verizon as a service and have had them for several years (Very Happy with the service).

    However....since I've gotten my first PDA phone the Treo WX for whatever reason the phone after about two months stops receiving incomming calls and has difficulty picking up text messages.
    I don't have any third party software installed and I don't use the internet on it and all the phones that I had didn't drop either.

    Has anyone ever experienced this or heard of the treo 700wx having this type of problem?
    Verizon has sent me a third replacement so hopefully this will be the last

    Any info on how to prevent this or have had similar issues would be great
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    Honestly, there are about a zillion reasons why you may have dropped calls. Probably only 0.00001 percent of them are the Treo.

    Perhaps you could offer more in the way of explanation and/or circumstances.

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    And, out of curiosity, if you didn't get the Treo because of third-party apps or internet service, why did you? Calendar appointments?

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