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    The ringtone for known callers rings in my earpiece when I answer the call depsite the fact that the ringer switch (on top) is turned off. The call comes in, treo vibrates, I answer it and then the ringtone sounds in the earpiece only. Sometimes the ringtone sounds more than once or believe it or not one on top of the other! I have searched the fourm and found VC to be an issue with others - it is disabled...any ideas. This just started and is very anoying.
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    A week later, at startup, the Today screens hangs up and the same ringtone now rings without stop. The only way I have found to stop this is to disable all sounds in Settings / Sounds & Notifications & then reset. However, for obvious reasons - this is not a long term fix. I have tried all else, enable / disable / vibrate only / new ringtone... with no luck. Next stop is the Curve, any ideas on a real fix?

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