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    I found it -- the registry value that controls the ATT web browser internet proxy.

    Note that this can be enabled/disabled via the "ProxyManager" application in Start -> Programs on phones that have the ATT WM6 rom installed. Still, for some of us knowing how to do this directly with a registry edit is both of interest and useful.

    Also, if you install the unbranded rom on a 750 that uses the ATT service, you'll get this proxy enabled, and no app to disable it. So, this is the only way you can disable it and make use of APs other than wap.cingular.

    The registry key in WM6 is (drum roll please...):

    [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings]

    The value in that key is "EnableAutoDetect".

    Set to 1 to disable the proxy (I know, seems backwards, but this is not a typo), and 0 to enable the proxy.

    With the proxy enabled (default), you will only be able to browse the web through the wap.cingular AP, and the ATT proxy server will do things to try and compress the data in ways you might not like (like resizing and recompressing images at lower quality, for example). Also, some websites have problems with the proxy (some mobile banking sites have been problematic).

    All the ProxyManager application does is flip this value back and forth depending on how you set it.

    Don't forget: The registry is cached in RAM, and the OS does a lazy flush, so changes won't "stick" until they're flushed to storage. The best, most certain way to do this is soft reset the device with a software soft rest program -- not with the rest button in the SD card door.
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