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    I just picked up a 750, wow Palm did a nice job on the 750. It is worlds better than the HP 6915 I had for a week. I love the special sauce they throw in.

    Anyway, I have one troubling question. Streaming....... I don't understand WM6. With my 680 if I went to, for an example, I clicke on the file and ptunes would play it. What about WM5/6 how can I do this? There are quite a few websites that I like to stream from. But I can't seem to find a way to do this.
    Please help. thanks
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    Windows Media Player does not stream mp3 files, only windows media formats which is why it won't work out of the box for you. There are a number of media players for WM that do stream mp3s, including TCPMP which is free here.

    Others include:
    GSPlayer (also free)
    Resco Radio
    MortPlayer (also free)

    That should get you started. There are also RSS readers like Egress which I believe allows you schedule feed updates in order to stream podcasts (using one of the players).. I also built a free app specifically for podcasts here, although I haven't worked on it for a while...

    Good luck!
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    Sweet, thanks for the response. I'll check them out.
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    I'll second TCPMP. While it's a bit of a chore to figure it all out (use these forums liberally, or feel free to PM me directly with questions), but once you've got it set up, it's one of the best, most flexible media players available.

    For audio, it has a really nice, real equalizer (rather than one of these phony fixed-settings-by-name deals), handles pretty much all file and streaming formats, lots of hotkey functions and flexible config, and more.

    For video, a key capability that TCPMP handles exquisitely is video format -- rich, flexible pixel aspect ratio, image crop, and zoom capabilities. This allows you to very precisely display exactly what you want to display of the video. This is one of the most annoying aspects of PWMP -- you either watch a small version of the video that doesn't fill the screen while maintaining aspect ratio, or you go full screen and distort the image without preserving aspect.

    TCPMP is your solution. It should be everyone's solution :-) With WM6, there is a minor tweak you have to do to fix a CODEC naming issue to play WMV and WMA files, covered in this post.
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    TCPMP is probably the best all-around media player there is especially for video, however, for music playback and using your phone as a mp3 player, MortPlayer is hard to beat. Very easy to control via hardware buttons (at least on my old Axim), CD Changer mode it a great feature that I miss on my mp3 player now, and some of the skins are great for touch controls (however it might be hard to find a good square screen skin).
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    I have tried all of these options on my Treo 750 and get anything to work. Can anyone give me some guidance? I want to stream podcasts over my device and cant find a way to do it.

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    I am a bit surprised that there are no apps can let a stream be opened from Internet Explorer Like Blazer and Ptunes.
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    @Justia, smileyboy:

    This is a no-brainer with TCPMP. After install, select Options->Settings->Select Page->File Associations and check off the media types you want TCPMP to handle (all common media types are covered). Check off the streaming formats (ASX, etc.) that you want, and next time PIE tries to open a stream, it will start up TCPMP automatically and play it.
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    Sweet my transfer to WM is complete.
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    The WMA fix works for .wma streams in TCPMP, does anyone have a way to fix not being able to stream .MP3's?
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    do you have mp3s associated with tcpmp as well in file associations?
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    Yes, if I click on an MP3 that is local to the device, it works just fine. It's only if I try to stream it from a remote source, like a web server..etc

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