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    I had a Treo 650 on which I installed Battery Doctor so the a the GPRS connection would automatically disconnect from the network after a preset period of time to conserve battery power. I miss this app on the 750. My constant connection to the network is a huge power drain. Hobbyist Software makes similar app called Power Hero but it's only available on Palm Platform devices. Does anyone know of an application that will manage the network settings to automatically disconnect after an active sync, or web surf session?
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    If, from the today screen, you hit menu-wireless manager, then menu- disconnect cellular data, you will disconnect from the network until needed again. BUT, if you use activesync with an exchange server, or have outlook configured to auto-check mail, it will turn on again to do so. And will not disconnect until you tell it to.

    Data constantly connected really has little effect on battery life. Active data transmission does however. If outlook is auto-checking every 15 minutes then you will kill battery life. Trust me, your battery life issues are for something other than an idle data connection!

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