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    Just an observation - since WM6 officially came out and most updated without major difficulty, this discussion board now seems to have calmed down A LOT. Now there are very few rants and fewer long posts on work arounds/hacks for better performance etc..

    I have very few complaints now with my WM6 Treo 750. It sync's seemlessly whether with USB or Bluetooth - it works well as a modem for my Vista laptop (both USB & Bluetooth) and the high speed network connection is very fast in the NY metropolitan area. Spb Pocket Plus and Core player and some games round out the additions to WM6.

    So what do we talk about now???

    All the best
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    Nothing. Just sit back and enjoy our devices.
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    Having a reliable, stable device is just weird, isn't it!
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    took palm a while but they are starting to get there act together very little problems comming from centro and now with wm6 working fine on 750 you don't hear major complaints anymore

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