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    I have looked all over the internet (as a matter of fact, that is when I found this site), and I cannot find a universal remote software for my Treo 750. I checked the Nevo website (I used Nevo on my pocket PC) and the NoviiRemote website. Of course, I would really like any freeware or hacks. Does anyone know of software that will allow me to use my 750 to control my TV, DVD/VHS, Stereo, (and maybe even Christmas lights and ceiling fan)? Thanks.
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    Does StyleTap work with NoviiRemote?
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    There's nothing out there, and for good reason. I used Pacific Meotek's OmniRemote on my old Plam, andit worked great. Isn't able to work on the Treo 650, even with the Treo IR patch loaded. Palm made some type fo change in the IR, and they won't discuss it. Whatever the change is--it makes Treo's useless as remote controls, unless you buy the NoviBlaster and keep the gadget in your Palm.

    The IR is now useless for anything except talking to other Palms from right up close. Nasty surprise.
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    I believe the IR is as weak as the Palm OS Treo 650. I tried NoviiRemote on the 750 and in order for it to work, I practically had to be about a foot away, which was the same as the 650. So, it's more of a hardware issue than software.
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    It can't just be a "weak" problem. Even when my Treo is an inch away from a remote control--it can't always read the remote. Or make a device work when it broadcasts a code. I'm suspecting there's something "power saving" that has been changed besides a weaker IR LED. Possibly a waveform change in how they power the LED, possibly some other kind of fiddling, but it is not just a question of power or distance--there's been some kind of change that simply makes the IR not function.

    When I've run OmniRemote on the old Palm to determine the frequency that the new IR is running at? It can't see the Treo's IR device--even an inch away--well enough to determine the frequency. That indicates Palm diddled with the frequency or the waveform, to me.

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