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    I have ActiveSync 4.5 installed & was running the WM6 updater from AT&T.

    It errored out & left my phone with a pretty rainbow screen.

    Colors from top to bottom = Red, Green, Blue, White

    Text says:
    Palm Tr

    Palm Tr


    Um, what?
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    It's called the bootloader screen. Run the Palm Update Recovery Tool and you should be OK.
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    I hit the reset button (under the miniSD cover), the device rebooted to WM5, I re-ran the WM6 Updater, and all seems to be ok now. *knocks on wood*

    For future reference, what is the Palm Update Recovery Tool and where can it be found?
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    It is either a seperate program on Palm's site, or one of the .exe's in the unzipped folder you downloaded already. Can't remember

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