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    hello everyone. for some reason, my phone doesnt sync to my computer. (my computer doesnt recognize it). and since i have wm6 on my phone, it does get charged when i hook it up to the computer, however it doesnt even show up in MY COMPUTER. any reasons why or ideas?????
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    Unfortunately sync problems can be really strange and hard to resolve but I can tell you a couple things with a problem I had that I hope will help your synch issue.

    Firstly I'm assuming this is synching by USB as you mention the unit receiving power. Undock/unhook your Treo from the computer.

    I had to do two things to get mine to work. The first was disable the USB advance network functionality option. Go to the settings section, then connections, pull up "USB to PC" and uncheck the "Enable advanced network functionality" box if it is checked. Hit ok/back out again.

    Reconnect the device and see if it works.

    I also have an on-going issue with the 'aftermarket' cradle I bought where the phone connection is a bit finicky and if I don't get it in very firmly Windows throws an error message about a usb device not being recognized. If you're using a cradle try just using just the cable to the phone/computer to remove this possible issue to the equation.

    Hopefully that will do it but if not post the results. By the way, were you previously able to synch it and now cannot or you have never been able to?
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    download the latest AS
    disconnect from the internet completely
    disable your firewall
    disable your virus scan
    uninstall your old AS
    reinstall new AS
    enable your firewall, virus scan, and internet connection and see if that helps.

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