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    The issue of how good or bad the User Interface (UI) on Windows Mobile devices has raged on in our forums and has frequently been the subject of many stories here at WMExperts but one thing is clear, the market has spoken and UI replacements, add-ons or shells have become the new pet-rock of WM devices.

    Enter PointUI, a hitherto unknown (except for a mysterious countdown) program this little app almost looks like the designers beat Microsoft to the punch for their future UI as documented in their patent images.

    Anyways,what you need to know about PointUI from my 24 hrs of experimenting is after the break, but here's the short version:

    - Completely Free
    - Quite Stable
    - Supports all major resolutions: 240x240, 320x240, etc.
    - Low system resources
    - Menu animation is great
    - Very easy to use
    - Includes Weather screen

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    There has been a minor update already, which allows one to customize which music app, PIM and which mail account gets launched by the icons.

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    Yup, good point. I installed that version last night and it works well.

    Here's a link to do the registry changes for your default apps, for those interested. Nice to see a dedicated programmer(s) on this app.

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    It's pretty, I'll use it, if and when it is Smartphone compliant. The forum on their site is pretty active. Check it out.
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    It brings a simplicity to WM. It may not appeal to power users who like looking at a "busy" screen, but this interface could help bring WM to everyone. Another benefit for Treo Users is the simplicity to use it one handed.
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    I would like to say I am a power user at times and I am really feeling this software. Very clean and simple to use. I only see a few issues. Two of them being because I am running it on the 700w. After opening the software, and the Palm threaded SMS software I am left with 6mb of ram, which in turns slows down my device by 20%-25%. But other than that I am looking forward to seeing what is next.
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    I have only found one thing I didn't like with this app... There is no X Button for the running programs... although I have yet to try the HTC End key with this app... Anyone know if it works??
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    HTC End Key is a shortcut app. While running PointUI you cant get to the HTC Close button, but you can still close the currently running app by clicking on the task bar.

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    also, the tasks shown are all tasks, not active tasks. The ones that showed for me were over a year old...

    A good start but still needs lots of work. Also no way to dial a phone number except for recent dialed calls.
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    Tried. not very promising, but the UI is very similar to iPhone

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