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    I have had my Treo for over a year, and it meets my needs perfectly. However, (there's always a However) now that I upgraded to WM6 I noticed a few issues. There are two issues that seem to be somewhat related. I noticed that on some days my battery life is quite limited (roughly 18 or so hours - WITH LITTLE USE!). I also noticed that when I lose my signal the phone has a hard time picking it back up. While the phone shows no signal I can turn off the phone feature and immediately upon turning it back on I pick up at least three bars. Putting those two together I believe that the phone uses more power while searching for a signal. I work in a Power Plant that has Concrete Walls and I routinely lose Signal, and even when going back outdoors the phone searches for a while before getting it back (Those are the days my battery discharges fast, Unless I force it by turning it OFF and back ON). Has anyone experienced either of these issues (The Phone having a hard time re-connecting even when a signal is present, OR that the battery will discharge faster while searching for a signal)?
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    I've had the same problem with the phone dropping signal when switching between towers on the drive home. This never happened before when I had wm5 or the leaked rom. With the official rom, it seems that the tower switching drops the signal and then takes a minute or two to pick it back up.
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    I'm not talking a few minutes. It seems a lot longer than that before my Treo will pick the signal back up. Of course my usual course of action is to cycle the Phone OFF/ON which immediately connects the phone. My other point was that when the phone is disconneceted from the system, power drain is greatly accelerated. In my case I sometimes spend hours behind concrete, and in as little as 18 hours I can see an entire charge dissipate, of course this is complicated by the first issue (I am not behind the concrete all day but the phone thinks I am).

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