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    I've searched for this for about 2 hours avoiding asking a question that has been answered before, but I couldn't help it. I installed Pocket Plus and Spb Diary, great programs btw...and with Pocket Pluses scroll feature (that works like of the iphone) I want to narrow my scroll bars down as small as possible. All I can find on the subject are posts directing me to my registry and to do the following:

    HKLM\System\GWE\cyHScr = 9 (DWORD decimal)

    The Problem:
    Under GWE I see no such options. The hack is listed under WM5 forums and wiki's, I run WM6. Any Help would be greatly appreciated.

    Also on the same WM6 line, any way to do what did? I can't seem to get that space free either.

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    hidelogo seems to be working for me same in wm6 as it did in wm5.
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    Quote Originally Posted by smb2056 View Post
    hidelogo seems to be working for me same in wm6 as it did in wm5.
    Same here. You just have to make sure you select 'Hide lookup field' under the Menu softbutton.

    For adjusting the width of the vertical (or horizontal) scrollbars, you can use Tweaks2k2 under a trial here .
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    the entries under GWE are there in WM6. They are DWORD values in GWE not keys under GWE (folder looking things)
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    Navigate to HKey_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\GWE\ and tweak the following values.
    cyHScr : Horizontal Scrollbars Height in pixels (default is 13)
    cxVScr : Vertical Scrollbars Width in pixels (default is 13)

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