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    I have AT&T and upgraded my Treo 750 to WM6. I had a HTC with voice command 1.6 like the Treo 750 has. My old HTC device when I received a text it read it outloud on the speaker including what the text said. Now my question is that my Treo 750 with the new upgrade to WM6 with voice command 1.6 doesnt do that nor does have a setting for it ! So does the new upgrde to voice command allows the text to be read outloud ? Ive searched and I cant find any info regarding this ! The only setting I see on voice command is announce calender thats all !!
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    #2 to find out about these problem too...
    Any answers?
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    Not what you're looking for, but I can confirm that the general capability for text-to-voice is there... After upgrading to WM6, my phone started reading aloud(without being in the mail app) high priority email messages.

    I had to turn it off because damn spam is often sent as high priority. So I kept getting my customized sonar "ping" notification sound (it's a perfect notification for this -- very unobtrusive) for email, then the phone would start talking to me, reading some BS spam.

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