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    Hello, sorry for making a new post, I am looking for a point form step by step instruction on how to use my 8GB SDHC card. I have a TREO 700wx and it doesnt read it. I need to know please (preferably in point form), how to either edit the ROM using Resco to copy or if someone has an explanation from what file to download and how to copy it over step by step, thank you so much
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    SDHC been tried but the driver never worked (as far as i know). The wx also tops out at 4 GB so you're better off just returning the card.
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    You will have to search the SDHC thread, but I believe it was found that the driver to enable the SDHC worked, but only upto 4gigs.

    I believe the 4 gig limiatation is built into the Treo.
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    i just went through this all myself and the conclusion on all the forum that i found was that the limitation of the treo was 4gb. anything higher then that was a hardware problem.

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