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    Just recently, my Treo 700wx (Sprint) has started blinking the green LED and chiming after a soft reset. The chiming will last about an hour (a couple time a minute) and the LED blinking will last a couple of hours. After that, no blinking or chiming.

    I don't receive any notifications, errors, etc. I've had the phone almost a year and a half and it's never done this until a month or so ago.

    Any ideas???
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    install treoalert by chance?
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    Mine does it occasionally. I don't have any software that would turn that feature on either. Another soft reset usually turns it off.
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    This happened to me today... very weird, its like the ppc 6700 service status led..
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    Quote Originally Posted by scottymomo View Post
    install treoalert by chance?
    No. The only programs I've installed are PocketBreeze & PocketWeather. They've both been installed for about a year now. This just started happening and occurs after every soft reset.

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