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    i dropped it last night. the antenna popped out and now it wont go back in because the whole thing is too loose, i guess it lost some screws too.

    if i bring it to a cell phone place do you think it can be fixed? it still works but i have to hold the antenna in for it to do so.
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    If you have insurance on your device, take full advantage of it. Take it to your nearest repair center. I have a Sprint repair center a couple of miles from where I live. They have been real helpful. I have a good repore with them and they have even replaced a lost sylus for me free of charge. They gave my wife a new A900 when her old one just went berzerk without hastle with no charge. I too smacked my antenna and the cap fell off but it went on pretty snug. My 700p's jack doesn't work and the rep at the repair center said he would give me a 755p if I wanted it. Shoot me but I didn't want a 755 nor do I want a Centro if I don't have to, so as long as my 700p is doing the job, I will keep it until Palm comes out with something worthy of an upgrade...I am no gadget hound.
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    eh i bought mine on ebay haha

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