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    as of about a month and a half ago I've been using the new 750V with preinstalled WM6, frankly it's a pain in the a@$ it's sower to go from page to page screen to screen and if it were not for the HSDPA i would put my sim back in to my old 750V. NOW I have a new problem...last night the backlight on my keyboard began to flicker and not i the way that I've read elsewhere, basically when i press a key to type, the backlight comes on for a brief moment as the key is pressed and then the same for every key pressed so it only flickers when the key is pressed the rest of the time it's off, this isn't much use in low/no light as you can't see what your typing. Also a few times when I hung up the phone I would just get a dead dal tone running for about 10 seconds before the phone seemed to catch up with what it was supposed to be doing. I also STILL get a battery status window pop up over the caller number as a call goes out or comes in, it blocks the number so you can't see who's calling, sometimes it even closes/hides the call window so until you hear the calling tone your not sure if the phones actually dialling or if it's just decided to close. OK so this is becoming a list of gripes...sorry, but I'm getting increasingly annoyed about this. the only apps I run are pocket breeze and phone alarm and i've checked settings and re-installed both with no change.
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    ps. does anybody know if the samsung I600 is any good

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