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    So if you haven't seen it, there's a new iPhone-ish scrolling UI app out, at - very nice, but not for me.

    I have an issue in that even after uninstalling it, their app has still hijacked my left soft key (their app changes the behavior of that key, to allow the default of 'Home' - what they call their app - and then 'Messaging' below 'Home'). Does anyone know offhand the reg edit setting to reassign the behavior of the two soft keys at the bottom of a WX, and specifically, the left one?

    I <really> don't want to do a hard reset.....
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    Yes, it's in HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Today\Keys\ Remove what they added in to key 112.
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    Nice - that did it, along with a soft reset.

    'preciate it.
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    What did you like and dislike about pointui?
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    just copied/pasted my answer from the thread in the Cross Platform subforum:

    To me, this app is best suited for a device that has no physical keyboard always exposed - something like a 6800 or any of those all-screen devices would probably get the most use out of an app like this. But since the 700wx has the keyboard always there, and has the 5-way and the soft keys (Palm calls them 'action' keys) are all right there, easily accessible and available, I found that I was more used to using all of those keys, and didn't really like touching the screen.

    Also - while the guys at PointUI have definitely done a great job at making the most out of this app, it still feels to me like it's 'bolted on' - meaning, their UI does a lot of the work, but not all of it (kind of like how the Touch works - you get deeper into the device, and the coolness goes away). If these guys could find a way to replace the ENTIRE UI of the device, then they might have something. but as it is now, their app does do some cool things, but it's not enough, at least for me and my one-handed use 700wx.

    And that raises another point - I found that while using PointUI I was doing the iPhone thing - that is, holding the device in my left hand while using my index finger on my right hand to scroll and point around - totally breaking the one-handed-ness of my device. While the UI is indeed cool, I don't want to have to use two hands to do things. Yes, it's possible to use one hand, but it just didn't seem....I dunno - comfortable to me. Same with the iPhone - my niece has one and I did a lot of messing around with one over the holidays, and while cool, for sure, it's a two handed device for just about everything. Just not my cup of meat.

    But hey - if someone has a 6800 or MDA or any of the big clunker devices, this app is probably perfectly suited for them (they're USED to using two hands/stylus to do a lot of things - lol).
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    I am using the Treo 750v, AT&T and WM6.

    I tried PointUI and there is a lot of great work done in the program/shell. However staying with the "Ease of Use" for my Treo I had to go back to SPB Shell.

    It was very slick looking and seemed very responsive. I did not find it easy to end active tasks is this is built in to the program, maybe it only relies on the windows task manager with is not enough.

    I found that I could not access all of my hard keys while in PointUI. For example in SPB Shell if I press the start button it activated the SPB Shell start menu from any screen.

    Also the SPB Shell task manager is very one handed friendly.

    I will be keeping my eyes on this product for future releases to see if the next version plays better with the keys and menu interface.

    Very promising.


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