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    this is my 1st time to post - so forgive me if i'm doing this wrong..

    I just got a TREO 750w & have tried to download WM 6 from Palm's site...
    following all their directions & what not -
    but it wuld never download..
    the download bar just sat there at 0%...
    (using i.e.)
    but when i tried to start over -
    Palm's site told me that I had already downloaded my allotted ONE download per phone/device/SN...
    so now what?
    try to contact Palm tech? no luck so far there.
    their site isn't very user friendly when it comes to contacting them directly..
    (as in - speaking to a real person)

    any suggestions?


    TREO750 newbee...
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    This is a Palm Treo 700w/wx forum - try your question in the 750 forum here:

    Or maybe the mod will move it there...
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    Direct links for the files are here:

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