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    definitely a strange occurance...but for some reason holding down the left side button will not bring me to Windows Media.

    itll go to ANY other program

    but not WMP...any reason for that?
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    I would use a task manager to make sure that WMP is not running in the background.

    Other than that, have you moved the target for WMP lately? And maybe its pointing to the wrong area....And can you launch WMP from your start menu?
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    ive tried putting other shortcuts to WMP, but it still doesnt work. ive shut down all running programs in the back and tried it, and still doesn't work. but it's ONLY for WMP, i just don't understand?

    and yes i can run it from the start menu, but i just got so used to holding the side button down
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    Just remap your side button....go into settings and goto buttons...then select the side button to be for whatever you want, not just for WMP
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    no shortcuts will work to go to WMP...I guess I'm just gonna have to live with that
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